An Introduction to Percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy

A skilled pain interventionist and anesthesiologist, Dr. Brian Klagges has served patients at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire, for nearly a decade. Dr. Brian Klagges had the honor of becoming the first medical professional in New Hampshire to perform a percutaneous hydrodiscectomy. A minimally invasive procedure, it involves the use of a high-speed stream of water to remove herniated disc tissue. The procedure relieves the nerve pressure caused by a herniated disc and provides relief from associated back and leg pain.

Practitioners perform the procedure with guidance from a fluoroscope, which provides a live X-ray image of the patient’s spine. This imaging allows doctors to avoid making a large incision. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the procedure. Generally, patients need only local anesthetic and can return to their daily lives quickly. Doctors typically perform percutaneous hydrodiscectomy on an outpatient basis.

This procedure involves significantly less pain than traditional treatment options for herniated discs. In addition, it does not cause trauma to back muscles and surrounding tissue.


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